What ever happened to old-fashioned wooden toys? Fortunately, they’re back and here to stay. There has been a resurgence -and improvement- in that area recently, largely due to the recent green movement.


Before my daughter was even born, I was already collecting these awesome toys [though not too many, simplicity is key]. While I disagree with certain aspects of the Montessori method, Waldorf and Montessori are right on in giving kids access to toys and objects that teach them practical life skills and enhance creativity. Plan is a green company, meaning they are environmentally conscious throughout the entire process of making their products.


Bay got this Victorian dollhouse for her 2nd birthday

Their toys are also nontoxic, unlike nearly all products available today, including many self-proclaimed ‘natural’ and ‘nontoxic’ brands -ahem, Melissa and Doug- so I just avoid anything made in China completely. Plan has great things to choose from for all ages but some of my favorites are their velcro fruits and vegetables that kids can cut, stacking/ sorting toys, and their instruments. They’re so cute and have got to be more practical and better for provoking kids’ creativity than all that battery-operated, light up crap.

Plan Toys Assorted Fruits and Vegetables

One of their many fruit/ vegetable sets

Plan Toys Cone Sorting

Cone sorting toy

Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum

Solid wood drum

It’s so incredibly important to research EVERYTHING before you even consider buying, using, or eating, and especially giving it to a child. Please don’t buy into the “I played with X and turned out fine” mentality. Your child’s health and development are more important than any momentary convenience.

Anyway, check out Plan’s website. They are in a lot of stores around the country now so you should be able to find them locally. Amazon has a great selection as well. I highly recommend them for all ages for educational fun that will surely last longer than today’s ‘disposable’ plastic toys.


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